#4 Winnie Soon: Feminist Coding in p5.js | Can Software be Feminist?

12.00–17.00 both days @Høegh Guldbergs Gade 65B, 8000 Aarhus C, DK
The workshop is in english—and it's free of charge. Max. workshop participants: 8
Bring your own laptop with Firefox installed + your smartphone

This is a one day feminist coding workshop primarily for women, queers, LGBT, non-binaries and minorities who are interested in programming, exploring the intersection of art, language, technology and feminism. The workshop addresses computer code as a language that is designed for both human and machine reading. Participants will base on the artwork/digital poetry/composition ‘Vocable Code’ to learn basic coding concepts, and they will also explore code as expressive and aesthetic materials, such as computer code as poetic text that is performative and executable.
Through thinking and discussing code and (non)binary logics, participants will incorporate textual materials, visual effects and recorded voices to produce their own web-based algorithmic vocable code.

- No prior programming experience is required

p5js is an open source Javascript library developed by the Processing Foundation and is founded by Lauren McCarthy to make coding more accessible to artists, designers, educators and beginners. Winnie shares the vision and goal of p5.js, which is to put community outreach and diversity as the priority.

Bio: Winnie Soon is a Hong Kong artist-researcher, currently living in Denmark and working at the intersection of art, digital culture and software studies at Aarhus University. Informed by the cultural, social and political context of technology, her work examines computational processes that underwrite our experiences and realities in digital culture. She has been presented at festivals and galleries throughout the Asia Pacific, Europe, America and Canada.
More info: siusoon.net