#10 Code&Share[ ]: Processing Community Day 2020 @Aarhus

Saturday, February 22nd 11.00–15.30 @DOKK1

Following last year PCD @ Aarhus with the theme to exploring code and coding practice beyond functional applications development, this year we want to keep exposing the diverse mode of working and thinking with/through software. In particular, PCD @ Aarhus 2020 will address the notion of openness and sharing in software ecology, referring broadly to the open/free paradigm for social participation and engagement to create a sustainable community.

Pointing to the ambition of creating an open and sustainable community in Aarhus, our inspiration draws from the free/open-source software movement with which to promote the idea of having the freedom and rights to use, study, create, modify and share software regardless of age, gender, race and class.

Following this line of thinking, this year we have chosen to contribute to the public community by putting together workshops and talks from diverse practitioners whose share different ways of working with and thinking through software artistically and culturally, opening up our understanding of, and approach to, the software beyond the realms of science and engineering.


The event was supported by: !=null, Department of Digital Design and Information Studies, Aarhus University, DOKK1 Aarhus Public Library