#6 ORAUM: Revisiting Alva

12.00–17.00 @Høegh Guldbergs Gade 65B, 8000 Aarhus C, DK
The workshop is free of charge. No prior knowledge of Blender or 3D-animation is required to participate. Max. workshop participants: 8. The workshop is in Danish. Bring your laptop + power supply.

The pivot point of this workshop is the gaze and invisibility of virtual cameras. When a camera films another camera inside a 3d application, the filmed camera will be invisible in the final scene rendering. Does the camera reflect western transcendental thinking, wherein a subject is an invisible spectator to the world? Is the camera a blind spot? – and what would Baudrillard have said about virtual cameras and 3D applications?

This workshop is based on ORAUMs space 7 called “I am ALVA”. The space contains a video by Sophia Ionnau Gjerding and Xenia Xamanek Lopez, and looks at the voice as a prosthetic and separate part of the body, as well as the landscape as a simulation of nature. The video is introduced and screened at the workshop.

The workshop has a theoretical and a practical part. For the theoretical part ORAUM will discuss the critical potential of simulation, the role of the gaze and the relation between visible and invisible in virtual space. In the practical part of the workshop, Sophia introduces Blender as a tool and shows how to navigate the application, think with it and make film sequences with it.

ORAUM is an artist driven virus cataclysm in mobile spaces. ORAUM is a platform for projects and exhibitions, produced in collaboration with other artists and centering on the notion of mobility. Occasionally ORAUM is an apparatus, sometimes a group, a voice or an exhibition space.